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Olaplex: A Game Changer

  Olaplex. An incredibly odd name, for an amazingly wonderful product. Verde Salon is proud to be offering this ground breaking technology in hair color and lightening services. Olaplex is a new invention that can rebuild, repair, and strengthen the disulfide bonds in hair, allowing clients to push the envelope further without compromising the integrity…


Steps to a Greener Lifestyle

People often ask me where to start when changing to a healthier lifestyle. I always say to start with food. Removing or minimizing sugar, GMO’s, chemicals, metals, and increasing vegetable intake should be your first step. Then consider the products you put on your skin. We are basically giant sponges, absorbing everything. Makeup, shampoos, conditioners,…


Things I am DYEING to Share

May 18, 2013 This last week has been an incredibly challenging, hugely rewarding week. When I first began using Organic Color Systems, there were no local “reps” to call on. No classes down the street to sign up for. It was just me and the educator in Florida handling my calls when I panicked in…